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Just One Word:

WOW, How many people did you need to make this flash.
I want that book. It should be the shortest book ever made.
Thats why I want, lol.
AMAZING Movie. Make the second part,lo

Elvidian responds:

it's a magical book about the journey you have just watched.

How to get medals

1.Reality: Press all the Back To Menu buttons.
2.Secret symbol: Press the middle of the yellow symbol.
3.The center of the world: Press the middle of the violet symbol since the third time it make small.

Good movie or game(?).
For this 4/5 and 9/10

PhilDenger responds:


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Wow!!! Got all medals in the first attempt... Pretty good story, characters and background music.
I really love it, well done...

AMAZING Game and songs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Great game. Only I don't understand the language.

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Wow, pretty cool!

I can't believe you did this in one night... Despite that, it's excellent *-*
Nice atmosphere you describe with this song too, reminds me to The Sims hehe. However, great work!! I bet it will be very popular soon :)

Step responds:

Honestly, luck was on my side that night. I usually take ages to think of an idea that works, but the melodies for this track came naturally. I wish I had more time to work on it, but due to some really inconvenient circumstances I had only a night to work on it. Being someone who composes at a rate of 10 hours per minute of music, that was one hell of a challenge hahaha.

Thanks for reviewing!

OMG HavenĀ“t heard something from you for a while. Now this appears and, yeah, you keep amazing me.
Absolutely incredible track!!!!

Step responds:

Aw damn, thanks a million, that made my day. Glad you like it :3.

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Pretty well made, I really like it. You're very good at drawing!!!

You did it with flash? If you did, this is very good because, in my case, it's really difficult to get this kind of graphics, jeje (don't know how to write it in english, I speak spanish too, but there are some words I don't know)

It seems to be the background, also foreground, from an horror game(?
Good drawing, once again. Hope you'll finish your game.

Lenke responds:

Esta todo hecho con flash, le iba a agregar mas cosas pero como se mueve el escenario baja el rendimiento...

Wow, really cool drawing!!!
I agree with you about the green but, it still being really good as the way it is...
Just for ask, how many time did you spend making this? It seems to be very hard to do it...

NoLanLabs responds:

It took like a week or 2. School just got out so I've had a lot of time on my hands.

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